Create bootable media with AOMEI Backupper. But, I want to reinstall the Windows and re-partition my hard drive in doing so. Deleting an EFI partition is risky. UEFI is supported only on 64-bit Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10 Editions and since the Windows 10 version 1607 you cannot use the UEFI advantages (if your mainboard supports it), without having to reinstall Windows from scratch, because the UEFI uses the GUID Partition table (GPT), instead of the Legacy BIOS which uses the MBR Partition Table. It will help you boot your computer in case of boot failure. I have 5 partitions 1-5. The Windows partition will not necessarily be assigned "C" in all cases. bcdedit /storeP:\ath\to\BCD\file\on\mounted\efi\part/import /clean (from the command prompt of the advanced options of W8 recovery) is the Windows' way to clean its cached copy, which copy is what you are really seeing on Windows boot manager screen; Linux … To restore EFI partition in Windows 10 via AOMEI Backupper, you should do following preparations: Do "System Backup" instead of "Partition Backup" to backup data on the EFI system partition, thus ensuring the system is bootable after recovery. 3 OS/Primary is apparently okay to delete. I kind of got ahead of myself and did what I thought was a clean install of Windows 10 (Home I believe) using Windows Media tool and via a USB drive. I am already using Windows 10. The OEM Recovery partition and the EFI System Partition. But if you are looking for a to installing or reinstall a fresh version of Windows 10 on a GPT partition, you are in the right place. I then installed Windows 10 from a UEFI USB (using the Windows 10 media creation tool), on my SSD (with the HDD also installed). Your computer won't be able to boot into Windows without the EFI partition. Suppose that the EFI boot partition on your UEFI (non-BIOS) computer was accidentally deleted or formatted (for example, when you tried to remove an OEM recovery partition).As a result Windows 10/8.1/ 7 doesn’t boot correctly, cyclically prompting you to select the boot device (Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key). But the problem is the EFI partition is still on my HDD, not the SSD. Is this possible if I do it using the "Upgrade Now" option in using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool. In the command below, the EFI partition is X: and the Windows partition is W. Change those as needed for your setup: How to Delete EFI System Partition (ESP) in Windows 2.1 Is It Safe to Delete EFI System Partition? But now notice that there are these other partitions. Instructions say I should be able to delete all and have just the one Drive 0/Unallocated space. If you plan to # move or resize some paritions, anticipate that (for instance by # creating the EFI partition at the end of the free space). Create a Windows 10 installation media on an empty USB (min 8GB). Part 2. I would like to move the EFI partition to the SSD, as the HDD I feel might be on the verge of failing. 2, 4 & 5 are for MSR MS reserved partitions. As we mentioned in the beginning of the post, the EFI partition seems like an interface for the computer to boot Windows off. When you've got both partitions assigned a drive letter and you know which partition has which drive letter, modify the example command below as needed. Follow the steps below to learn how to install Windows 10 on a GPT partition: Step 1. If not, then is there any other way so that I can re-partition … 1(ESP/System) says don't delete as it's an EFI partition and not NTFS. I want to clean install Windows 10 on a new hp laptop, to get rid of the hp bloatware. What I usually do to clean install, is boot from a Windows 10 installation USB, use a diskpart script (by pressing Shift+F10 at setup) to create the 4 reuired partitions, namely: EFI (100MB), MSR (16MB), Windows (Rest of disk – 950MB), WindowsRE (950MB).

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