How do I obtain my graduation documents and certificates (degree certificates, transcript of records, diploma supplement)? Oral examinations can take place until the end of the second examination phase. Many of the exams will not take the usual form (written exams). voir les coordonnées contacter le fabricant les produits du fabricant. Important note: Due to the ongoing corona crisis there are some important changes in the application process: 1. You must first log into the cloud and activate your account. 21.01.2021 by email only: IE-B3 EE2 - Electrical Engineering 2: S. Lehmann: Klausur, 01.02.2021; 14:00 Uhr: 405: 25.01.2021 ausschließlich per Email an Interim examinations – summer semester 2020. The basis for this change is the Law to Overcome the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the University Sector, which was passed by the state parliament of Hamburg on 2 September 2020. of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering (except Mechatronics) (myHAW): 14 Dec. 2020–31 Jan. 2021, Dept. Pregnant Ashley James reflects on her VERY racy Halloween looks over the years and teases her 'bump' costume. C’est là que Franz Schneider fonda en 1881 une fabrique de ferrures de meubles « à l’ancienne » et de sobres objets de piété en laiton. For oral examinations and colloquia taking place before 10 January 2021, presenters are permitted to remove their FFP2 masks when speaking. You can arrange this via email. To re-register for the new semester, please pay the semester contribution by bank transfer within the re-registration period. Please send an email with your request to fsb_ti (@) Fournitures Scolaires et Bureautiques NAP. Réalisez avec nous des produits qui donneront un nouvel éclat à des bâtiments anciens. If you have questions, please contact us. Enter your username and password here in order to log in on the website: Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Tuition fees, living expenses and scholarships, Contact information and advising services, Registration deadlines and examination dates, Note about submitting application documents for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis. These are noted with the abbreviation 'ZK' in the course plan. Band 6), BULATS (65), TELC B2-C1, Pearson (PTE General level 3, PTE Academic 59), your 'VPD' from uni assist (more information below), your proof of English language proficiency, Student Admissions and Registration Office. FSB est à l’aise dans toutes les époques et tous les styles. Provided that the documents have already been completed and signed, we will send them to you by mail. HOCHSCHULE FÜR ANGEWANDTE WISSENSCHAFTEN HAMBURG Fakultät Technik und Informatik / Fakultätsservicebüro Berliner Tor 21 / Raum 136 / 20099 Hamburg. The FSB has set up six regional consultative groups (RCGs), enabling us to reach out to authorities in 70 other countries and jurisdictions, including a wide range of emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs). You then need to submit the form to the Faculty Service Office. In automotive systems, electronic control units process sensor output to determine the car's current stability and derive counter-measures in critical situations. 3d – Poignees de fenêtre PDF, 4,7 MB. Please note: The processing of certificates (including those for Master's applications) takes approximately one week. Students who are or were unable to sit an exam due to an officially prescribed quarantine will be given the opportunity to complete the exam or replacement assessment within four weeks following the end of the officially ordered quarantine, as long as they are/were not ill during the quarantine period. Get help . Please have picture ID or your student card ready when you enter the examination room. After completing the online application procedure, please submit. You are not permitted to read it until the exam has officially begun. How is the five-semester rule being handled in summer semester 2020 (Dept. Jennifer Lopez is engaged to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. For further questions please contact the lecturer directly via mail. ID3 KCOMM&XXX© 2020 The World Media FoundationTRCK 1TYER 2020ÿû ` g]?è! These devices include smart watches (including fitness watches), smart glasses, etc. The date on which you upload the document will be considered the official date of submission. If you completed your schooling outside Germany and want to study here for a Bachelor’s degree, you need to hold an academic school-leaving qualification which entitles you to admission to higher education; that is, it needs to be comparable to a German Abitur or Fachhochschulreife. Ce modèle a été conçu à partir des informations collectées par FSB en collaboration avec l'Institut Fraunhofer dans le cadre d'études scientifiques sur la manière dont l'on utilise une poignée de porte. Your information will be saved for a maximum of 28 days and will subsequently be deleted. We discuss policies while they are still being formulated and the effects of policies as they are being implemented. All activity is subject to monitoring. Registration for exams will take place in the usual way. You can obtain more information from the representative for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Can I still complete an exam that I was unable to sit due to an officially prescribed quarantine? The degree course admits first-year students in the winter semester only. For this reason, it is also possible to extend the deadline for submitting the application. 4a – Garnitures pour porte chassis PDF, 6,3 MB. Procedure for registering your thesis topic You register your thesis topic online via StISys, logging in with your HAW account and pass-word. Please send a mail to fsb_ti( (@) ), arrange an appointment and be sure to follow the necessary hygiene-related measures. In the directory of each lecturer you may find more informations about his/her lectures. Last updated: 3 February 2020. How is contact information being collected at HAW Hamburg? Canada was a lead player in the G20 and FSB in 2009 and will provide leadership in 2010, including through our hosting of the G20 Summit in June. Application for a CJ1 elective project. If this is not the case (if there are objections to carrying out the exam with the participants physically present), an application to postpone the deadline for completing the exam can be made in writing to the chair of the Examinations Committee. Autonomous vehicles in automated warehouses make use of various sensor signals to find the right shelf. Subsequent re-registration is only possible within the appeals period. Please note that you need to check in again before each on-campus course. You can submit all documents (especially those subject to a deadline) during our office hours – for example, final papers, sick notes for examinations, all types of forms, etc. Maintain the required distance from your fellow students. If you require these, please send an email with your mailing address to the Faculty Service Office. Please refrain from requesting updates as this increases our workload. We ask you to prepare for the possibility that you will also need to wear an FFP2 mask in on-campus exams during the normal examination period in February.'. You then need to upload your final thesis and the required documents to the HAW cloud. Call us, come to our office hours or send us an email: fsb_ti (@) It is currently planned that examinations will also be held on campus. Outside our degree course–specific office hours you can contact us via email as always. The Civic market is just one of the seven markets we serve. As it is difficult to obtain the required proof of English language skills due to the coronavirus crisis, we will accept applications without the accepted language test results. FSB Manuel 13 – Tous les chapitres PDF, 60,0 MB. Re-registration deadlines Winter semester: 1 June–15 August Summer semester: 1 December–15 February. How do I contact the Faculty Service Office in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at this time? We are also responsible for exam processing, the publication of grades and forms, the administration of exam files and the accompanying services, which include the management of certificates and the monitoring and maintenance of student transcripts. How do I submit a sick note from my doctor (Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung) to the Faculty Service Office during the examination period? ID3 2 TIT27Whakaari White Island eruption remembered, one year onCOMM XXXThis time last year, the coastal town of Whakatane was responding to a natural disaster. When? ID3 GTDAT ÿþ1112TYER ÿþ2020TLAN ÿþDEUTALB ÿþBÜCHERMARKTTIT2U ÿþMichael Maar: "Die Schlange im Wolfspelz"COMMV ENGþÿÿþDeutschlandradio - 11.12.2020 16:20:00TPE1 If you want to register your thesis, the registration form must first be filled out and printed using the Student Information System (Stisys), then signed by the first supervisor and you. The deadlines for applying for and carrying out oral examinations listed in the examination regulations entered into effect again on 18 May 2020. We continue to be available by phone or email. You can reach us by telephone during these times. The address is provided below. Against the backdrop of the Leopoldina Academy’s urgent call for measures to reduce social contacts as of 14 December 2020, the university management has decided to significantly limit on-campus operations during the period from 14 December 2020 to 10 January 2021. The rules outlined here apply to summer semester 2020. Avec FSB, vous satisferez aussi à tout design censé respecter le style d’un bâtiment classé. The Faculty Service Office in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science is responsible for all matters related to the faculty's exams and degree courses. This makes it easier to find your file. Please also familiarise yourself with the instructions and templates for the final paper, both of which can be found below. If you have a health impairment, you may be able to apply for compensation for disadvantages in examinations. 2 – Fingerscan PDF, 1013 KB. Smart cameras check the quality of parts and goods post-production, and wireless communication systems allow mobile devices to deliver location-based services. homepage of the Engineering and Computer Science Faculty Service Office. For lectures which are only online, there will be an access code for the first lecture. 1 – Introduction PDF, 5,1 MB. Alternatively, a higher education entrance qualification equivalent to an Allgemeine Hochschulreife or Fachhochschulreife from a majority English-speaking country will be accepted as proof of English language proficiency. If a sick note is not received by the Faculty Service Office in time, you will be required to submit a medical certificate (ärztliches Attest). If it is not possible to carry out or apply for the oral examination by the deadline given, please contact the responsible Examination Board. ID3 € `vCOMMŸengdie Weltfußballer des Jahres wurden geehrt, das UnderCover KaffeeQuiz geht weiter und die Frühaufdreher bereiten sich auf die BAYERN3 Weihnachtsfeier vor OWNE engBayerischer RundfunkTALB3Sebastian Winkler und die Frühaufdreher - BAYERN 3TCOM6Sebastian Winkler, Steffi Fischer, Philipp KleiningerTCON PodcastTCOP Bayerischer Rundfunk 2020TDAT … In warranted cases it can provide you with a loan. You can also send us a mail anytime at How do I register? Applications from EU applicants will be accepted 1 December–15 January, and from non-EU applicants 1 October–30 November. How do I obtain a certificate (expected date of graduation, proof of graduation, etc.)? Am 05.04.2012 wurde Burak Bektas vom NSU ermordet. Please submit the sick note from your doctor by regular mail (the postmark will be considered the submission date), together with your student number, the examination name and the examiner's name, to the Faculty Service Office within three days following the exam (Saturday does not count as a work day). On third attempts, oral exams will take place with at least some of the attendees physically present (the examiner/s and the student must be together in one room, the other committee member/s can attend via video conference), provided that all participants have agreed to be physically present. By registering, you confirm that you accept the examination type and wish to complete it. If you do not have it with you, you will not be permited to enter the building or write the exam. List of companies that hired students for an internship in the last years, Prof. Dr. Jens Ginzel Appointments by prior arrangement Berliner Tor 7 20099 Hamburg Room 3.83 T +49 40 428 75-8013 jens.ginzel (@) Applications from EU applicants will be accepted 1 June–20 August and from non-EU applicants 1 April–31 July. In more critical situations (contract cancellation, reduced hours), please contact your department's internship coordinator immediately. Please use a permanent-ink pen in blue or black. Please ensure that the certificate is filled out correctly, and especially that it contains the practice stamp and the doctor's signature. During the holiday closure at HAW Hamburg from 24 December 2020 to 3 January 2021, the Faculty Service Office is closed. Photos non contractuelles We wish you all the best and much success in your studies! This degree course will suit you if you have a broad general interest in technology and technical systems, enjoy solving problems from mathematics and physics, and like the idea of programming and creating software solutions and understanding and advancing the electronic aspects of today’s technology. 3c – Boutons PDF, 1,2 MB. To ensure that a conclusive and specific certificate is submitted, the Examination Board will provide you with a form to give to your doctor. It is therefore very important that you attend. Your attendance will be recorded at the entry and your identity will be checked. If you send us documents digitally via email, please remember to submit the originals with the necessary signatures over the course of the semester via regular mail or via our mailboxes in Berliner Tor 21 or Berliner Tor 7. Important: Please make sure to read the instructions BEFORE registering your Bachelor's thesis! In EMIL room „Lehrveranstaltungen Informations- und Elektrotechnik im WiSe 2020/21“ you can now sign in without a password. To apply for the Bachelor's degree course in Information Engineering, please follow the online application process. More information can be obtained from the Examination Board. I have an oral exam, a resit exam, or a colloquium. Team Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Carolin Hebborn, John-Bruce Hager, Janosch Nowack. Berliner Tor 5 Mon–Fri  6:30 am–9:00 pm        Sat  8:00 am–3:00 pm, Berliner Tor 7  Mon–Fri  6:30 am–9:30 pm   Sat  7:00 am–4:00 pmBerliner Tor 9           Mon–Fri  6:00 am–10:00 pm         Sat  closed, Berliner Tor 11 + 13 Mon–Fri  6:00 am–9:30 pm   Sat  closed, Berliner Tor 21  Mon–Fri  6:00 am–9:30 pm   Sat  7:00 am–2:00 pm, Department of Information and Electrical Engineering, Berliner Tor Campus, Berliner Tor 7, 20099 Hamburg. ID3 2 TIT27Whakaari White Island eruption remembered, one year onCOMM XXXThis time last year, the coastal town of Whakatane was responding to a natural disaster. The regulation regarding the extension of submission deadlines remains in effect. Please refer to this rule and provide proof that the quarantine was prescribed by the health authority. In the event that an examination must be interrupted due to illness, special conditions apply. En voilà la premièreMonsieur le Ministre,Je suis un père qui lance un appel de secours contre ceux qui abusent de leurs pouvoirs pour que vous ayez toutes les informations… We are currently unable to hand out graduation documents and certificates in person. Le Canada a joué un rôle d'avant-plan au sein du G20 et du CSF en 2009, et il fera de même en 2010, notamment en accueillant le Sommet du G20 en juin. last name, first name (please leave a space between the student ID number and your name! 3e – Accessoires PDF, 4,2 MB. What do I do? Students gain experience in the application of project management methods to complex technical problems and further develop their ability to work within a team. The use of a mobile communication device will be considered cheating. In the case of a supplementary oral examination, an oral examination, or a colloquium, the examiner must be informed that the examination cannot take place due to illness. This is especially important for those students receiving BAföG support, as well as for all those who want to complete their studies within the standard period.

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