2. Mit Hilfe von Wahlmodulen können Sie Ihr Studium individuell mitgestalten. Therefore the objectives are to establish a sound expertise based on current research problems and to develop a scientific basis for decision-making in international sport management. Sport- und Fitness-Management: Im Sportmanagement-Studium bekommst du grundlegendes kaufmännisches und Management-Wissen vermittelt, immer mit direktem Bezug zum Sport. In the bachelor’s degree in international sport management, you will address these and other questions. Dabei wird ein breites Themenspektrum vermittelt, u.a. Please print it out, sign it and then send it to LUNEX University by post, along with the evidence documents specified in the email. International Sport Management, Head of Department of International Sport ManagementChair of the Exam Board, We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide answers to your questions about LUNEX University and our study programmes: You will learn how to lead sport organisations to success through strategic management and acquire the necessary legal and business knowledge to operate sport organisations. Are you enthusiastic about sports and the business behind it? You can expect practical and scientifically sound study contents from the fields of management, finance, sport marketing, media and communication, and sports law. Zeit für ein erstes Praktikum bleibt auch. Bei dem Studiengang International Sports Management gehören Vorlesungen wie Sportmarketing, Sportvereins- und Personalmanagement oder Sport und Finanzen dazu. Februar 2009 In addition, we provide you with essential tools for the successful marketing of sport clubs and sports brands. You will receive your study contract from us by e-mail. For example, how about our master's programme in International Sport Management? International Sports Management is the perfect programme for me, because I am interested in economics, I like to manage and to get in touch with other people. We will inform you in the course of the application process which supporting documents have to be provided and when. Sport Management is a highly research oriented degree program emphasizing an international perspective. Interested in starting your dual career? We will invite you to attend in person. As a manager for top athletes, you establish connections to sponsors and advertising partners. A promising future is expected. Ready to get started? You will also understand the importance of personnel management in professional and amateur sports. 2 accadis Campus Du Pont-Straße 4 – 61352 Bad Homburg. International Sports Management. International Sports Management is the perfect programme for me, because I am interested in economics, I like to manage and to get in touch with other people. It only takes three steps to start your studies. With the bachelor degree in International Sport Management at LUNEX University you will become a sport professional beyond the sidelines. If you are an applicant from outside the EU, you should note that the application process for a visa can take four to eight weeks. Sport is a billion-dollar industry. Für junge Studieninteressierte hat Studis Online ein Arbeitsblatt zur Studienorientierung zusammen gestellt. Fill out our Online Application Form. The course provides you with economic and business know-how and optimally prepares you for a job in the international sport business. In view of a growing market and the professionalisation of sport, the need for qualified sport managers is growing. At LUNEX University, we support dual careers by giving talented athletes the flexibility to organise their studies around their training. Modemanagement Studium. Studieren an der ISM. 2. Studiengangsbeschreibung . Applying to LUNEX University is easy and possible at any time of the year. Konzeption, Koordination und Realisation von sportlichen Veranstaltungen. LUNEX – International University of Health, Exercise and Sports S.A. 50, avenue du Parc des Sports / You will acquire sound knowledge and skills in the areas of finance, investment, accounting and governance. Its aim is to advance understanding and communication between members of the global community who share a professional, personal or scholarly interest in the state and development of physical education and sport around the world. You will learn how to recognise changes in the market, develop business strategies for sport organisations and implement them successfully. Das Masterstudium für eine Top-Karriere im Sport & Event Management. International Sports Management kann in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg, Köln, Mainz und München studiert werden. Building on this, you will get to know the sport business functions and skills required for sport managers. Bachelor ESPORTS Management: ️Neben Hobby & Beruf ️100% Praxisnah ️Studentische eSports-Organisation Jetzt informieren. At the same time, the sport industry is becoming increasingly professional and is positioning itself internationally in the face of advancing globalisation. You will get to know the particulars of human resource management in the sport industry and use this knowledge to develop positive group dynamics. Wirtschaftspsychologie studieren. Tourismus & Eventmanagement studieren. A.) More details will be provided to you in good time. After successful participation in the Application Day we will email you with your study agreement. Information on the handling of your data can be found in the privacy policy. Gleichzeitig erarbeiten Sie sich die fachlichen Grundlagen des Sportmanagements. Bad Homburg 1-50. International School of Management . In sport clubs and associations you will take on responsible tasks in finance, business administration and/or human resource management. Application for a Bachelor’s programme: During your study, entrepreneurial skills and spirit will provide a solid foundation as you learn to research, plan, organise, lead, manage and evaluate the business of sport. Fachliche Spezialisierung – International Management: Internationales Vertriebs- und Kommunikationsmanagement, Marketing-Management, Internationale Wirtschaftspolitik, 2. Der B.A. Ob Sportmarketing, Sportproduktmanagement oder Management internationaler Sportevents – das Sportmanagement Studium vereint umfassende BWL-Inhalte mit gezieltem Fachwissen aus der Sportbranche. Finanzmanagement Studium. After completing your bachelor's degree in International Sport Management, you will work at the interface between sport and business. Management von Sportprodukten. An understanding of the role of sport in society is fundamental to studying sport management. Es handelt sich um ein Präsenzstudium. International Sports Management studieren: accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg ... Abgerundet wird dieses sportive Studium durch zwei Fremdsprachen, ein Consulting-Projekt, ein Projektstudium und ein Auslandsstudium an einer Partneruniversität. In the Pre-Bachelor Foundation Programme you will improve your English language skills. Die Studieninhalte setzen sich aus den Bereichen Sportwissenschaft, Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Public Relations zusammen. A selection procedure will take place on this day to check whether you meet the necessary prerequisites for the course. As a top-level athlete you can apply for the ‘student-athlete status’, which allows you to fully pursue your athletic career while working towards graduating with an accredited university degree. The skills you acquire also certify you for management positions outside the sport industry. In order to complete your application, please send the signed study agreement along with all other required evidence documents by post to LUNEX University. Last but not least, our lecturers will familiarise you with the scientific research methods you will need to write your bachelor dissertation. 1. International Sports Management (ISM) wurde 1990 gegründet und befasst sich speziell im Bereich des Fußball-, Tennis- und Handballsports mit folgenden Aufgaben: Beratung, Betreuung und Management von Spitzensportlern. Auf der Suche nach einer Wohnung oder einem WG-Zimmer? Aktuell studieren rund 3.400 Studenten an der ISM. Informieren Sie sich hier ausführlich über das Studium International Sports Management zum Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). The duration and intensity of the programme will be individually tailored to your level of knowledge. This includes business administration, economics, financial management and investment, sport marketing, sports law and policy, human resource management, entrepreneurship and media management in sport. 51-100. Great, then you have now completed your application! International Management Studium. To secure a study place, we recommend that you send us your documents as soon as possible – but at the latest two weeks before the start of your studies. 3 Historie 1980 Betriebswirtschaft und Fremdsprachen International College Business Training Center 1990 International Business School (heute accadis) Jetzt bewerben . More and more sports products and services are coming onto the market. Based on the test results achieved there, we will decide whether you will be admitted directly to the course of study or whether you should first participate in our Pre-Bachelor Foundation Programme to complete and expand your knowledge. Dies können LehrerInnen schnell und einfach einsetzen. Whether in sport or in business, in a national or international environment, a wide variety of exciting tasks are waiting for you! Have you successfully participated in one of our our Application Days? Informiere dich hier ausführlich über das Studium International Sports Management zum Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). Der Studiengang ist grundständig und wird angeboten von der Hochschule International School of Management in Dortmund. Fill out our Online Application Form. The fact that the programme is applied to the world of sports makes it even more interesting to me. You will gain insights into the media world and challenges of effective sport communication and analyse sport marketing strategies for various target groups. You will acquire important management skills to take on strategic and operational tasks in a complex and international environment. Your expertise in market research, product development and sales is in demand in the sporting goods industry. How does the ” product sport ” reach its target group? From football to fashion, concerts to trade fairs – live events shape the world and are of huge economic importance. If you are unable to travel to Luxembourg on the Application Day, please contact us. Der Bachelor-Studiengang International Sports Management kombiniert klassische Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit Sport, wobei der Schwerpunkt auf Sportökonomie liegt. Please make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Das Sportmanagement Studium richtet sich an angehende Sportfachwirte, die ein betriebswirtschaftliches Studium mit dem Fachwissen aus der Branche und der Wirtschaft des Sports anreichern wollen. What does it take to lead sport organisations to success? Bachelor of Arts | 9 Trimester (Vollzeit, dual, Studium plus Praxis) accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg. The fact that the programme is applied to the world of sports makes it even more interesting to me. During your studies you will gain comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of sport management. Consulting Projekt. Another plus: With the completion of the master's programme, you will take the next step on the career ladder to take on challenging tasks at higher management level. Der Fokus des Sport-Management Studiums liegt auf betriebswirtschaftlichen … ), Ethnologie / Sozial-& Kulturanthropologie, Islamwissenschaften, Japanologie, Judaistik. Understanding the business off the pitch: Prevention & rehabilitation throughout the lifespan, University entrance qualification or equivalent qualification, Copy of the highest educational and/or vocational qualification. International Sports Management AUSBILDUNGSART: Bachelorstudium Masterstudium PhD Diplomstudium Doktoratsstudium Bakkalaureat Magisterstudium Lehramtsstudium Individuelles Magisterstudium Individuelles Studium International Sports Management (B. Sport arouses emotions and inspires people around the world. Wirtschaftsinformatik studieren. Master-Studium International Sport & Event Management (M.A.) LUNEX University offers the best opportunity to combine my higher education and my football career in Luxembourg. The language of instruction in all courses at LUNEX University is English. You have the opportunity to participate in the Foundation Programme and improve your English if your language skills do not meet the entrnce requirements for study at Bachelor level. wird das Fundament für Ihr Studium gelegt. The M.Sc. Die International School of Management gehört zu den führenden privaten Hochschulen in Deutschland. Im Sports Management Studium legen Sie in den ersten drei Semestern das Fundament, auf dem Ihre künftige berufliche Entwicklung basiert – Sie erlernen die wichtigsten Inhalte aus Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Volkswirtschaftslehre und Recht. Please print it out, sign it and send it by post to LUNEX University together with the relevant documents listed in the e-mail. 101-150... 251-252 > Noch nicht den richtigen Studiengang gefunden? 1. - … International Sports Management - 14 Studiengänge - Studis Online 1. Das Studienangebot umfasst 40 Studiengänge. How does sport become a profitable business? You will also learn how to manage and evaluate projects and how to manage risk. 20457 Hamburg . Der Studiengang besteht aus drei bis sieben Monaten Projekt-Studium, einem drei-monatigen Consultingprojekt und einem zweimonatigem Sommerpraktikum. Der Studiengang ist grundständig und wird angeboten von der Hochschule accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg in … From the market and risk analysis to the preparation of a business plan and marketing, we provide you with the necessary knowledge to successfully place organisations or companies on the market during your final year of study. 3. In Kursen wie Project Management, Event Production, Sport Economics, etc. International Sport Management ist der perfekte Studiengang für mich, denn ich interessiere mich für wirtschaftliche Themen und mag es, zu managen und mit anderen Menschen in Kontakt zu kommen. Under certain circumstances, we can arrange an appointment for an online interview with you. Bachelor in International Sport Management. B.A. International Sports Management an der International School of Management: Praxisnähe - durch Exkursionen, Praktika mit internationalem Bezug sowie Workshops Internationalität - durch bis zu zwei integrierte Auslandssemester und Wahlfremdsprachen Persönliche Atmosphäre - durch kleine Lerngruppen und interaktiven Unterricht Mit der Zusammenstellung finden Schüler alles wichtige: von der Studienwahl bis zur Studienfinanzierung. Das Studium International Sports Management beim Institut ISM - International School of Management dauert 6 bis 7 Semester und endet mit dem Abschluss Bachelor of Arts. Made with  ❤️  in Hamburg©2020 Studis Online / Oliver+Katrin Iost GbR [Fach 2384] 2, Impressum ▪ Werbung / Mediadaten ▪ Info Studienprofile ▪ Datenschutz ▪ Cookies ▪ Haftungsausschluss, Sportwissenschaft, Profil C – Internationales Sportmanagement, Mehr Informationen zu den Studienprofilen bei, Intelligente Verkehrssysteme und Mobilitätsmanagement (M.Sc. Fundamental to this is the acquisition of business contents that are oriented towards the special requirements of the sports industry. Die Wahl … 3. Application for a Master’s programme: Speziell für den Studiengang International Sports Management gehören u. a. die Themenbereiche Sportökonomie, Sportmarketing, Sport und Finanzen sowie Sportvereins- und Personalmanagement zum Curriculum. After receiving your online application for one of our study programmes, we will invite you to one of our Application Days. You will also acquire basic knowledge in financial management, marketing and sports law and develop key academic skills. Studium. 4671 Differdange / Der Studiengang International Sports Management umfasst in Vollzeit studiert eine Studiendauer von neun Trimestern und schließt mit dem Bachelor of Arts ab. With an introduction to applied economics in sports, you will recognise the nature of sport products within the global economy. Dadurch, dass das Studium speziell auf die Sportwelt ausgerichtet ist, ist es für mich noch interessanter. To successfully promote and profitably use sporting events, you plan and implement marketing campaigns and seek sponsorship agreements and media coverage. The International Sport Management programme provides high quality education to the next generation of reflective and skilled sport managers with a global mind-set, able to work in the complex and international environment surrounding sport organisations.”, Head of Department Sie haben weiterhin die Möglichkeit, sich durch spannende Wahlmodule anderer Studiengänge, ein zweites Standbein nach persönlichen Stärken zu schaffen oder Ihre Kenntnisse in der Sportwirtschaft zu vertiefen. These serve as a basis for developing strategies for internationally operating companies and assessing economic markets. Unterstützt wirst Du von 5 Stipendien wie das der Deutschen Telekom. Wenden Sie die Theorie aus dem International Sports Management-Studium direkt in der Praxis an. Mit einem Sports Management-Studium an der accadis Hochschule werden Sie Doppel-Spezialist für Betriebswirtschaft plus Sport. Finally, you will develop your research skills. If you have met all the prerequisites for the Master’s programme, we will email you with your study agreement. Da dies unserer Meinung nach aber noch nicht ausreicht, bieten wir ab Januar 2021 unser Studium komplett in englischer Sprache als "International Sports Management" an. Just fill out our Online Application Form. Marketing Studium. Finance, Investment & Accounting in Sport Business, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport Business. Sie erwerben fundierte betriebswirtschaftliche Kenntnisse und branchenspezifisches Wissen. As a bachelor's graduate, you have an excellent foundation for further deepening your knowledge. : Management von Sportinstitutionen. Es handelt sich um ein Duales Studium. The International Sport Management programme at LUNEX University provides you with fundamental business knowledge and management skills that prepare you for the specific tasks in the international sport business. Take part in one of our Application Days. In addition, we promote your personal and social skills so that you can cope with critical and demanding situations in your later professional life. Luxembourg. E-mail: info@lunex-university.net Diese Fachrichtung befähigt Studierende dazu, internationale Unternehmensstrategien zu entwickeln und umzusetzen. International Sports Management. International Sports Management umfasst ein integriertes Auslandssemester in Europa im vierten Semester. Finally, you will write your bachelor thesis. Logistik Studium. Potential employers and areas of application are: Sport is a global player whose economic and social importance is constantly growing. Personalmanagement Studium. Sport Studies - track ISMB is a four-year bachelor degree programme focused on business and management within the international sports industry. Die Sport- & Eventbranche boomt und das Business ist heute internationaler denn je. In principle, we need the following documents for your application: Depending on the degree programme (Bachelor/Master) and your country of origin (EU/non-EU), further documents may be required. Your extensive economic knowledge also qualifies you for tasks outside the sport industry, such as marketing and controlling for international companies, or the business administration of cities and municipalities. Phone: +352 288 494-40, 50, avenue du Parc des Sports L-4671 Differdange. Sport Manager Studium. As an applicant for one of our Bachelor’s programmes, you will be invited to attend an Application Day. On completion of the Pre-Bachelor Foundation Programme you will be well equipped for the successful completion of your degree within the planned programme duration. Das Konzept orientiert sich dabei stark an unserem deutschsprachigen Sportmanagement-Zertifikat, der Fokus liegt aber stets auf internationalen Aspekten aus dem Sport. Studium International Sports Management Startschuss Abi – Berlin 24.01.2009. Wintersemester 2013/2014. You can apply online at any time. Please contact us for an individual advice! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Therefore, you will first appreciate the significance of sport in modern society. Further study contents are sport sponsoring, brand management and customer relationship management. Mit Sportmanagement Studium das Hobby zum Beruf machen Im Sportmanagement Bachelor steht die praxisnahe Vermittlung der Studieninhalte im Fokus. 2020 . Great, then you already have some of the most important qualities for a bachelor’s degree in International Sport Management. These developments require a high demand for professionally trained sport managers. Information Als BWL-Spezialist für International Sports Management ist Ihr Sportsgeist gefragt – in Vereinen und Verbänden ebenso wie bei Großveranstaltungen oder in Unternehmen, die sich mit Vermarktungsstrategien und Finanzierungskonzepten beschäftigen. Your career options with a degree in Sport & Event Management. In practical exercises, you will develop professionally relevant management expertise, including intercultural management, negotiation and decision making skills. Neben internationalem Sport- und BWL-Wissen erweitern Sie zusätzlich Ihre interkulturellen sowie sprachlichen Kompetenzen. During an internship you will gain occupational experience in a professional environment. CIES organizes and offers a one-year postgraduate sports executive program, endorsed by FIFA, which consists of three modules that are taught across three universities in Europe, and concludes with a final project. You should therefore be able to speak and understand English well. accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg, Bachelor. Business Intelligence Studium. Durch Pflichtpraktika mit internationalem Bezug im In- und Ausland, Workshops, Sportcamps sowie erfahrene Dozenten aus der Wirtschaft , erlebst du Sportmanagement hautnah und … We’ll show you just how the application works. International Sports Management. hochschule.accadis.com Managing Winners - Studium International Sports Management Peter Kexel Startschuss Abi – Frankfurt 07. Do you wish to be optimally prepared for your studies at LUNEX University? “At LUNEX, we really get to know students from day one and we plan exciting group activities that enhance the learning experience while really taking the time to make sure everyone understands. Studiengang: International Sports Management (Vollzeitstudium) - Hochschule: accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg - Abschluss: Bachelor of Arts - Regelstudienzeit: 9 Semester / 180 ECTS Punkte … Mehrfach international ausgezeichnet. International Sports Studies (ISS) is a scholarly journal in the field of physical education and sport with a unique focus. The successful conclusion of the program merits the award of FIFA Master International in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport. Finanzmanagement im Sport. Bachelor Internationales Business Management (Fachrichtung) | Mit fortschreitender Globalisierung steigen auch die Anforderungen an Unternehmen, angemessen darauf zu reagieren und sich an grenzüberschreitenden Prozessen auszurichten. Here you will not only acquire advanced knowledge in the areas of sport policy, sport finance, business analytics, digital marketing, event management and research, but you will also further develop your business and leadership skills. In addition, you will get advanced insights in important management-related topics such as sport policy, health promotion, business ethics & corporate social responsibility, and entrepreneurship & innovation. As a graduate of the International Sport Management Bachelor’s programme, you have excellent career prospects thanks to the management skills you have acquired and your sport-specific expertise in business administration, economics, governance, law and marketing. Please read it carefully, print it out and sign it. Do you have a talent for organisation, an analytical mindset and good communication skills? Profitieren Sie von mehr und längeren Praxisphasen als an den meisten Hochschulen und bereiten Sie sich in facettenreichen Praxisprojekten und spannenden Case Studies bestens auf den Berufseinstieg vor. Mit unseren Tipps kein Problem! Mit einem Sports Management-Studium an der accadis Hochschule werden Sie Doppel-Spezialist für Betriebswirtschaft plus Sport.

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