Vol. Join Facebook to connect with Shirley Retzer and others you may know. George Jacob Retzer was born on month day 1784, to Daniel Retzer and Eva Elisabetha Retzer (born GRUENY). Mr. Retzer kept diaries of his trips with his children. The "design" of the award is equitable and justifiable. We reversed "so that the court may reconsider the evidence and award additional adequate alimony until the appellant can reasonably earn her livelihood." At trial this young lady, who in 1982 had been an employee of the Greenwood business, testified Mr. Retzer had made a sexual proposition to her, indeed suggested that she be his mistress. To hold that she somehow had an equitable claim in the value of these restaurants would mean no principled guide whatever in awarding lump sum alimony, depending instead on the particular view of whatever chancellor heard the case. See, e.g., Harrell v. Harrell, 231 So. 2d 782, 783 (1964) (on habitual cruel and inhuman treatment); Shows v. Shows, 241 Miss. war Repetitious ramblings about Nancy's adulterous lifestyle are virtually the only evidence presented by Mike to support his contention that alimony is unwarranted; the persuasiveness of these ramblings dims in light of Mike's own adulterous and flirtatious lifestyle. On April 15, 1976, Mr. Retzer obtained another license agreement in his name for a restaurant in Cleveland. Id. LL.M.-Weiterbildungsstudiengang Baurecht und Baubegleitung der Philipps-Universität Marburg. L.REV. All this aside, the chancellor rejected Mike's contention "that when the divorce *603 is awarded due to the adultry [sic] of the wife that she is not entitled to any alimony" under Mississippi case law: Vol. See also, Hinton v. Hinton, 254 Miss. At the February, 1988, temporary hearing when Mrs. Retzer was receiving $14,372 for monthly expenses, she requested an additional $3,000 per month to permit her to live in her lifestyle. The chancellor then concluded that the Retzers' net worth was approximately $4.1 million $3 million of which was in Mike's name. Summary: Shirley Kratzer is 81 years old and was born on 08/05/1938. She had recently had cancer surgery. Mrs. Retzer took draperies from their residence, and then had a headboard cover and bedspread and pillow shams of matching material sewed for the house. Id. 1974) (on habitual cruel and inhuman treatment); Rainey v. Rainey, 205 So. 1988), where the wife was granted a divorce from her husband on adultery, from our previous cases we congealed factors considered in awarding lump sum alimony where the wife was granted a divorce: 537 So. V. GRIFFITH, OUTLINES OF THE LAW 23 (1949). The business was quite successful. 1977) (holding that a court is justified in piercing the corporate veil where, to do otherwise, would "subvert the ends of justice"); Caroline Transformer Co. v. Anderson, 341 So. He has appealed the chancery court award unto his wife of a cash award of $275,000, periodic alimony in the amount of $88,000 per year and custody of their children. This statement shows annual salaries of Mr. and Mrs. Retzer to be, respectively, $13,200 and $7,100. *583 Mr. Retzer also agreed, following this, that in the event the two were still married ten years thereafter, July 10, 1991, he would convey unto her whatever stock was necessary for each to own fifty percent of the stock. Als Teenager schwankte er zwischen einer Karriere als Musiker oder als Baseball-Spieler. It would take the wisdom of Solomon to know at this time what is truly in the best interest of these children, and we do not feel constrained to reverse the chancellor on his custody award. According to him, his problems with his wife were not restricted to extra-marital relations. Die Premium Access-Vereinbarung Ihres Teams läuft bald ab. 2d at 438. According to Mr. Retzer, McDonald's corporation required more than an investor for a local franchise. Following the separation in July, 1987, the corporation paid Mrs. Retzer $1,178 every four weeks, and he paid her an additional $1,150 every four weeks, totaling $2,522 per month. She also told him that she had contemplated suicide and drove in front of a truck, but at the last minute lost her nerve and drove into the field. We therefore affirm the amount of monthly income Mrs. Retzer is to receive, but amend the judgment to reflect this as an obligation of Mr. Retzer to see that she receives this sum from his management of the corporation. The chancellor's decision is equitable and should be affirmed. This exhibit, among other things, shows that in 1986 the total sum spent for groceries was $11,646.35, and total sum spent for children, including their clothes, was $5,307.08, totaling $16,953.43. He also allowed her accountant's fee of $4,940 and attorney's fee of $7,585. (Vol. Nach der Mittelschule begann Adi Peichl 1964 eine Lehre als Schriftsetzer. Mike and Nancy Retzer were married in Louisiana on December 19, 1970. ), review denied 475 So. If so, it would have amounted to somewhere between $10,000 and $14,000. 443, 28 So. He found that she owned 27% of the total assets and was entitled to another eight percent giving her a total of 35% of the assets. Otto Retzer Vermögen wird auf rund 3 Millionen Euro geschätzt. Wood, 495 So. The restaurants were incorporated as Retzer & Retzer ("R & R"), and all equipment used in the restaurants was leased from Retco, another corporation of the Retzers'. Although Mr. Retzer testified she had no money whatever in the original investment and that she had consistently spent and overspent everything she made, it is possible several thousand dollars of her teacher's salary was initially invested in the first restaurant. Mr. Retzer does have substantial financial obligations to Mrs. Retzer, however, arising from her ownership of almost half of the shares of Retzer and Retzer, Inc. Courts look quite differently upon the respective duties existing between majority and minority shareholders in publicly held and close corporations. 2d 294, 296 (1964). 50, 179 So. With the exception of the 1982 incident with the female employee in Greenwood, and Mrs. Retzer's allegation that she observed his penis bruised at one time, both of which Mr. Retzer denied, there is no proof in this record of any extra-marital misconduct on his part from July, 1979, through July, 1987, when they separated. Nach einer Kellnerlehre wurde er Discjockey und Wasserskilehrer, bis ihn 1970 der Chef der Lisa Film, Karl Spiehs, entdeckte, als Assistenten engagierte und zunächst mit kleinen Arbeiten rund um seinen Stab betraute. She bought $1,600 worth of intoxicating beverages from a local liquor store. 2d at 783, the wife was awarded $200 monthly alimony for eighteen months, which she contended was too small. Adolf Peichl wurde 1945 in Wien geboren. 643, 165 So. 2d 514, 515 (Miss. © 2020 Getty Images. Join Facebook to connect with Shirley Retz and others you may know. Mr. Retzer found the boy friend's Virginia Military Institute ring in Mrs. Retzer's jewelry box. (Retco was set up for tax-saving purposes.). In Tedford v. Dempsey, this Court delineated a general guideline which a chancellor should consider before entering a child support decree: 437 So. 476, 119 So. He told the banker to let the checks bounce. 1980). After lengthy discovery and hearings at the Washington County Chancery Court, the divorce was granted. 2d 503, 506 (Miss. Mrs. Retzer helped for several weeks, but returned to her teaching. The Retzers separated that day. Before this Court may reverse the chancellor's alimony decree, Mike must have presented sufficient evidence evincing manifest error. Mrs. Retzer's lifestyle and emotional depression raise serious questions of the stability and example a parent should impart to his or her children. (citing numerous cases); Rainer v. Rainer, *607 393 So. Instances of pre-separation extra-marital conduct have been set forth. Reeves, 410 So. II, at 163. VIP-Geburtstag am Wörthersee: Promis feiern Otto Retzer Am Sonntag ist Regisseur und Schauspieler Otto Retzer 75 Jahre alt geworden. And as contended by Nancy, the chancellor's decree does not affect the corporation in any way. Mrs. Retzer testified that until their separation, Mr. Retzer had never complained seriously about her spending, that he had teased her about it. 1967) (on habitual cruel and inhuman treatment); Gatlin v. Gatlin, 248 Miss. Also, according to Mr. Retzer, in March or April, 1987, he had gotten a telephone call that Mrs. Retzer while returning from Jackson had run off the highway into a field. I, at 46; Vol. [1] They had assignations at a selected house on Highway 82 and at Lake Ferguson in Washington County, in Louisiana, and in Arkansas. Wires, 297 So. Pride wurde am 18. Id. 2d 867 (Miss. A McDonald's franchise, called a "License Agreement," runs for a 20-year term. 165, 84 So. This was 100% of all the recorded Retzer's in the USA. {{collectionsDisplayName(searchView.appliedFilters)}}, 'Nur zur redaktionellen Verwendung' ausschließen, {{searchText.groupByEventToggleImages()}}, {{searchText.groupByEventToggleEvents()}}.

From 1975 to 1977, Lauterbach played his first movie parts in Summary: Shirley Setzer is 91 years old today because Shirley's birthday is on 08/11/1929. See, Delaney v. Georgia-Pacific Corp., 278 Or. 319, 323-24 (1978) (As a means to rectify a wrong, piercing the corporate veil is justified. 581 (1928).[4]. He also directed that Mr. Retzer provide her with hospital insurance equivalent to that she had in the past, which could be paid by him directly or through the corporation. 509 So. In fact, it has been held that he holds the same duty as a managing partner owes the other partner in the management of partnership *595 affairs. Olivia Retzer (* 1981) ist eine österreichische Filmeditorin.. Olivia Retzer ist die Tochter des Regisseurs und Schauspielers Otto Retzer und studierte Montage an der HFF Konrad Wolf in Potsdam-Babelsberg.Seit 2000 ist sie als Editorin tätig, davon einige Jahre auch als Schnittassistentin. She was feeling "very depressed." Susanne Lothar starb am Mittwoch mit nur 51 Jahren. [2] The chancellor in his September 7, 1988, opinion estimated that the net worth of them both, consisting mainly of the value of the restaurants, was $4,100,000. He had given her over $40,000 worth of jewelry himself during the marriage. On July 13, 1987, the investigator reported the house to Mr. Retzer, who went to it, and discovered familiar items of personal property. Here also the record does not support that Mr. Retzer, who after all was working for the income, spent anything like the money on himself that she did on herself, or that he in any way mismanaged his personal finances. Of this she spent $40,574 on personal items for herself, another $10,599.59 went into a small business venture between Mrs. Retzer and a friend, called "Fantasy." We acknowledged as much. She stated her reason for doing so was that it took some time for them to be effective, and she took them in anticipation of her divorce. This Court is "bound by those findings unless it can be said with a reasonable certainty that those findings were manifestly wrong and against the overwhelming weight of the evidence." According to her, all of her teacher's salary went into a joint savings account and was part of the cash assets used to invest in the business. It lists $44,200 cash assets. Mike has also failed to show that the award is unreasonable and should be modified. Bunkley & Morse's Amis on Divorce and Separation in Mississippi, § 6.04, p. 184 (1957). The Retzers' restaurant business was so successful that they opened six more McDonald's in other towns during the 13 years that followed. There had been a lavish birthday party for Mr. Retzer in New Orleans, costing thousands of dollars, but he attributed the outlandish cost to her, saying she had handled it and it got out of hand. CODE ANN. See, Donahue, 328 N.E.2d at 512; Matter of Kemp & Beatley, Inc., 64 N.Y.2d 63, 484 N.Y.S.2d 799, 803, 473 N.E.2d 1173, 1177 (1984); Alaska Plastics, Inc. v. Coppock, 621 P.2d 270, 276 (Alaska 1980); Illinois Rockford Corp. v. Kulp, 41 Ill. 2d 215, 222, 242 N.E.2d 228, 233 (1968); Zokoych v. Spalding, 36 Ill. App.3d 654, 671, 344 N.E.2d 805, 819 (1976); F. O'Neal and R. Thompson, O'Neal's Oppression of Minority Shareholders, § 7.17 (1985); Comment, supra, p. 27, at 593; 18 C.J.S. In view of the chancellor's finding that Mr. Retzer was entitled to a divorce on the ground of adultery, and Mrs. Retzer having made no cross-appeal, it is immaterial what she alleged or proved as to his marital misconduct between their reconciliation in 1979 and their separation in July, 1987. (Vol. Finally, the corporation was to issue Mr. Retzer ten additional shares so as to make him a majority shareholder and give him corporate control. Upon Mrs. Retzer's promise never to stray again, he paid off the overdraft. 1988) (holding that chancellors are accorded broad discretion due to their "peculiar opportunity to sense the equities of the situation" before them); Cheatham v. Cheatham, 537 So. Mrs. Retzer attempted suicide upon one occasion at their home in Greenville by swallowing a number of pills. The chancellor's reasoning upon which the alimony award was based is persuasive and fair. Skinner, 509 So. 2d at 449-450. Giving her credit for this, an almost equal ownership in the corporation was an eminently fair return. He expressed exasperation that the banks made loans to her freely. If it is not spent with some degree of prudence, a chancery court can afford relief. 44 & 46. Id. He began by noting that, "with the exception of testimony indicating immoral conduct ... on the part of both parents, most evidence indicated that both ... are suitable and dedicated parents." 2d 667, 668 (Miss. Insofar as this record reveals, both Mr. and Mrs. Retzer tried to devote time and interest to their children. If the burden becomes unduly oppressive for either, the chancery court is not without power to give relief, even to appointing a receivership for the corporation or dissolving it. Mr. Retzer was on the board of directors of Planters Bank, and every month at the board meeting the names of overdrawn depositors and amounts would be called out. He removed and photostated some and replaced them. Mike failed, however, to develop his argument and specifically explain how the chancellor's decision is violative of Skinner. 2d 362 (Miss. 1985)). Schon als Jugendlicher war er mehrmals in der Volksoper Wien als Statist auf der Bühne gestanden. At the time of his death, George was 80 years, 2 … HAWKINS, Presiding Justice, for the Court: Michael L. Retzer was granted a divorce from Nancy B. Retzer in the chancery court of Washington County on the ground of adultery. The Retzers were apparently generous to Mrs. Retzer's mother, Mrs. Boyette, the Retzers paying for her cosmetic surgery costing several thousands of dollars. Zu viele Bilder ausgewählt. In each of these cases the ability of the husband to pay alimony was coupled with an inability of the wife to make a living or support herself. Dann streckte ihn ein Grippevirus nieder. It is a general rule that alimony will not be allowed a wife when the husband is granted a divorce because of her fault. In the first six months of 1987, Mr. Retzer spent $38,840.43 from his account, of which $8,416.46 went on personal expenses for himself, $750.00 went to a political contribution, and $16,000 went for a membership in "Catfish Point," an exclusive recreation club of which he was a general partner. She testified she noticed at the time his penis was "bruised." He directed Mr. Retzer to pay her $275,000 over a two-year period, with interest at the rate of eight percent per annum. In July, 1979, while their divorce was pending, Mr. Retzer caught Mrs. Retzer and his former attorney in a motel room in Jackson. He was a captain in the Air Force who shortly thereafter left the service and went to work for Texas Instruments in Houston, Texas. 1984)); but see Appellant's Brief at 28-29 (where Mike seems to suggest, erroneously, that this Court's standard of review is: "whether there has been a material change of circumstances") (citing and quoting Smith v. Todd, 464 So. 2d at 869; Wood v. Wood, 495 So. Mr. Retzer wrote checks to her from his account totaling $9,845.28. of Supreme Court of Mississippi opinions. Mr. Retzer, active in the Republican Party, had also financed an expensive dinner in Washington for state and national political leaders. 2d 443, 447 (1948); Hulett v. Hulett, 152 Miss. Just as it has authority to require a husband to pay his wife periodic and lump sum alimony from his property and estate, the chancery court clearly has authority to require a divorced husband to pay his wife whatever is due her in his management of her property. In their 1979 divorce he was shown a list of bills totaling $26,300, one being a $5,500 note to a local bank, of which he knew nothing, and was called upon to pay. Nor is there any suggestion in the record that Mr. Retzer was penurious or miserly with her, or attempted to keep her from doing anything except to wildly overspend. The family spent two weeks in France, renting a house for $5,500, and one of the weeks Mr. Retzer had his parents over to stay with them. Typically, she would incur a large bill, pay something like $100 month for six to eight months, and then the "crunch" would come. Mrs. Retzer confronted him and he admitted it was true, and agreed to give Mrs. Retzer a divorce, to be obtained on the ground of irreconcilable differences. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Shirley Retzer sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. 2d 131 (Miss. It will, of course, be subject to change, depending upon the economic welfare of the corporation. 278 So. In addition Mr. Retzer was required to list every purchase he had made exceeding $2,500 from 1981. 1985) ("This Court holds that the fact of adultry [sic] alone does not disqualify a parent from custodianship, but that the pollster [sic] consideration in original custody determinations is the best interest and welfare of the minor child."). Despite this advice, she executed all documents prepared by Wayne Drinkwater, a Greenville attorney, necessary to issue Mr. Retzer ten corporate shares. He produced a picture of the interior of the car they occupied, showing bucket front seats with a console in the middle. MISS. Mrs. Retzer's adultery on the other hand was not some isolated incident, but rather a continuing, persistent affair with a local man. The couple returned to Greenville that night. Jennings v. Jennings, 464 So. 1966); Keyes v. Keyes, 252 Miss. Following soul searching discussions lasting several weeks, they agreed to resume the marriage, both, however, solemnly promising to be faithful thereafter. 2d 1044 (Miss. For the foregoing reasons, the chancellor's decree is deemed equitable and is hereby affirmed. Retzer and Retzer, Inc., is a very close close corporation, which has existed solely for the financial benefit of two people, the Retzers. VIII, 1138). Applying the law to the facts of this case, Mike has clearly failed to meet his burden. The second conclusion, that "her contribution through capital is significant when compared to his[,]" is manifestly wrong. Following the June, 1988, trial, and pending a hearing in August to set the amount of alimony to be awarded her, Mrs. Retzer's local dermatologist found a mole on her face. The chancellor awarded Nancy an additional 8% (approximately $685,000). Appellant's Brief at 35-36 (citing Gray v. Edgewater Landing, Inc., 541 So. [5] One outstanding fact from this record is that throughout their turbulent marriage, both Mr. and Mrs. Retzer have had able legal counsel. 1988) (The father, whose annual income was $250,000, was ordered to pay $3,500 per month for support of two children. According to Mr. Retzer, from the beginning Mrs. Retzer was continually in "financial distress." 1984); Schilling v. Schilling, 452 So. Mrs. Retzer testified that Mr. Retzer was an excellent husband, and had been a good father. In sum, the chancellor's determination cannot be disturbed unless it is against the overwhelming weight of evidence. They should each feel free to do so, so long as there would be no public knowledge, and only the two of them knew of any such activity. We find no occasion to reverse this amount. 1977) (same). Mrs. Retzer kept a copious card supply in stock to have on hand to mail to various friends and acquaintances upon the appropriate occasion. Mr. Retzer took her to the local hospital where her stomach was pumped out. 1980); Russell v. Russell, 241 So. Shirley M Retzler, age 81, Cincinnati, OH 45245 View Full Report. That year Mr. Retzer expended $47,162.72 from his account, of which $18,825.48 was for personal items for himself, the remainder in investment, with the exception of a $1,100 political contribution. Pinnwände sind ideal zum Speichern von Bildern und Videoclips. 2d 146, 147 (Miss. She testified her local dermatologist had found the mole and told her he could remove it. He has no lump sum alimony obligation from these acquisitions during a period when she was committing adultery and living a profligate life-style. The error of the chancellor, as above noted, was in decreeing that Mr. Retzer pay Mrs. Retzer $88,000 per year, or $7,333.33 per month, as alimony. (recommending that 20% of adjusted gross income should be awarded for support). 105, 43 So. Freigegeben / keine Freigabe erforderlich. ); see also Zitter, Excessiveness or Inadequacy of Money Awarded as Child Support, 27 A.L.R.4th 864, at § 20 (1984 & 1989 Supp.). Finally, Mike's "last-resort" contention that the chancellor's periodic alimony award "pierced the corporate veil" and, as a consequence, he "disregarded the corporate structure" is unpersuasive and seems misplaced. The chancellor rejected her evidence, but in fairness we have nevertheless sought to set forth the facts concerning them both from the record. Mrs. Retzer's personal income from the corporation that year was $21,600, leaving her a balance of $4,656.67. 2d 362, 364 (Miss. Mrs. Retzer's uncontrolled spending and intent on personal pleasure, and Mr. Retzer's testimony that even he could not control it, is borne out from the two examples. See, e.g., Eikenhorst v. Eikenhorst, 746 S.W.2d 882 (Tex. Shirley Jane Retzler, age 80, Carmel, CA 93923 View Full Report. 2d 756, 758 (1953) (on habitual cruel and inhuman treatment); Carraway v. Carraway, 212 Miss. 2d at 42, the wife was sick, unable to make a living and was having to live with her parents, and her was husband partially at fault. Right now, Shirley Setzer lives in Belvidere, NJ. He related a 1985 example of this chronic problem, which she conceded was accurate. In 1973 Retzer and Retzer, Inc., a Mississippi corporation, was organized, and Mr. and Mrs. Retzer were each issued 1,600 shares. Mr. Retzer will be well advised of his trust responsibility, and Mrs. Retzer of her ample avenues of relief in event of any deviation by him. Also, she made a trip to New York at the expense of a well-to-do local businessman and spent the night in a suite occupied by him. Mr. Retzer testified he could only recall the young woman's name as "Linda," that he had been working that day at his places of business and went to the restaurant that evening. Cf. Finally, in January, 1988, she borrowed another $5,000 from Sunburst. Also, when there were serious arguments about their marital problems, Mrs. Retzer would threaten to destroy or liquidate their business. See e.g., Carr v. Carr, 480 So. 2d 1300 (Miss. 1986). Mr. Retzer, on the other hand, testified Mrs. Retzer always spent beyond their means, and none of her funds went into the business. Having spent over $50,000 in 1986 on purely personal luxuries, Mrs. Retzer nevertheless in March, 1987, found herself over $40,000 in debt for unpaid bills for purely personal luxuries, and the debts for her personal luxuries in 1987 continued to mount. Otto Retzer ist Schauspieler und Regisseur. Her checking account in Planters Bank was constantly overdrawn. Mrs. Retzer was an only child. But all was not well with the Retzers; the success with their business did not spill over into their marriage. 874, 877, 27 So. Restated, Mike had the burden to show: (1) that the alimony award was unwarranted; or (2) that the award should be modified due to unreasonableness. We reverse and render on the lump sum award, and affirm on the award of custody. Beacham v. Beacham, 383 So. Drinkwater prepared this agreement by Mr. Retzer as well. See White v. White, 557 So. Mrs. Retzer was to stop seeing her lawyer boyfriend. Mike seeks a reversal of the award and again contends that he should not be required to pay any alimony to an adulteress. George Ritzer (born October 14, 1940) is an American sociologist, professor, and author who studies globalization, metatheory, patterns of consumption, and modern and postmodern social theory.His most notable contribution to date is his concept of … He simply notes that: "If affirmed this will overrule Skinner ... and all prior decisions upholding the integrity of the corporate entity.". 36 records for Robert Retzer. 2d 480, 483 (Miss. Miss. This Court in Skinner held that "the chancellor erred in awarding corporate property to appellant where the corporation was in no way made a party to the proceedings." 2d 1120, 1121 (Miss. He was required to work free for a thousand hours in McDonald's places of business and attend several training schools. Mrs. Retzer's certified public accountant William Baird had unlimited access to Mr. Retzer's and corporate records. He was a coach on his daughter's basketball team, and at the time of the divorce said that his business permitted him to spend a great deal of time with his children. Nach der standesamtlichen Trauung am Freitag, heirateten Ralph Siegel und seine Schweizer Frau Laura gestern Samstag kirchlich. Until Jenkins v. Jenkins, 278 So.

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